Button Easter Eggs

Spring has sprung and Easter is just a few weeks away! Time to create, create, create!  So we all know that we did Button Trees, Button Hearts and your right –  it’s time for Button Easter Eggs!

button eggs 003This is surely a fun, easy project to get everyone involved and to empty out that Button Box filled with buttons you had stashed and wondered what to do!  Be creative and mix up the colors – brights, pastel, solid have fun with them.

Materials:  BUTTONS! assorted sizes
FloraCraft -Styrofoam Eggs – I used 3 assorted sizes – ranging from (9 1/2″, 6″ and 2 3/16″)
Assorted colorful headpins; basket; shredded green paper

Button Egg 001     Button Egg 002

above is jus a sampling of the great colors that are available in our Favorite Findings program – bright and festive!

Button Egg 004For my project I used all pastel buttons
Favorite Findings – Big Bag of Buttons #2003 Happy
Favorite Findings – #421 Pastel & #441 Mini Pastel

Button Egg 005

Lay out all your buttons on the table and begin pinning your buttons to the egg with head pins -  (again depending on your project – I coordinated my pins – pink, yellow, white…but that’s just me! If I was doing the brights then I would use assorted bright pins). I like to first do the base of the egg as shown and then I go back and fill and cover the bare spots. If your small children are planning on creating/crafting this project I do suggest adult supervision since they are working with sharp pins!

Button Egg 008

So can you say BUTTON Egg!

Okay so not everyone’s Button egg will look alike – I may have over- buttoned my egg – however you can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BUTTONS!

Button Egg 014

I could have stopped at just doing one Button Egg and been happy…

But once in the basket…

button eggs 003




Button Kilt Pin

Rummaging through my old broken jewelry box I found a kilt pin that use to have charms dangling from it – but for some strange reason I can’t seem to part with items that may one day be brought back to life! Thinking to myself: try it  - it may work.

So here we go we…

kilt pin with buttonsI originally thought a simple Kilt Pin would work – but if the metal loops are soldered then it will not work – unless you have tools that can pry them apart!

For my pin I was able to pry the loops apart to slide my beds and charms onto the pin. I simply cut off the loops from my charms where once dangled the charms. I prepared my work space with all my materials that I will need.

Buttons of assorted sizes and finish (La Mode); glass beads;gold filler beads;  jewelry findings; head pins; wire cutter; round nose pliers.

button charm 001

           button charm 002

as you can see when I created this project i wasn’t sure what color scheme I wanted to work with – so,  I made my Button Kilt Pin interchangeable!

to create, begin with creating your bead dangler – refer to the photo for placement. Once you’ve created your stack – slide it onto the head pin. To create your loop I created a step by step photo…

button charm 004        button charm 005

slide your beads onto headpin. Place your head pin stack in between your round nose plier (as shown above).

button charm 009       button charm 010

bend wire away from you. Re-position your tool so it sits on top of the bent portion of your wire.

button charm 011      button charm 012

fold over your wire (towards you) and again re-position your tool.  You can also check out many tutorials on You Tube which shows you how to create this.

button charm 013     button charm 014

with your hand/fingers grab onto wire (or if you wish you can use a flat nose tool) and begin wrapping wire around neck of the loop.  Cut off excess wire.

 button charm 015

here’s a sampling of my combos…

button kilt pin 009

Here’s a better shot of my pin that I de-constructed…although it has some faults I knew I would be able to cover these with the button charms and beads.

To create a button charm – slide the wire through the button hole and follow the same procedure as I did with the beads. To create the Button “dangler” use jump rings to connect.

button kilt pin 013

button kilt pin 007

remember I mentioned that my Button Kilt Pin was interchangeable. Same Button Charms just created new bead charms…

So get creative – RECYCLE your old jewelry that’s just sitting in that box – you never know what you can create!



What’s New? Trend & Collector’s Buttons…

It’s all in the details for Spring 2014 and why not do it with Buttons whether from sewing or crafting. Our New line of button Trends and Collector’s Buttons will sure be a hit with what’s happening now. The Committee for Colour & Trends listed their top 10 Key Fashion Jewelry concepts for Spring 2014:

1. Messages & Slogans – words of endearment
2. Pendant Revival – bold motifs – animal heads
3. Fringe Benefits – chain – bead – fringe
4. Skinny Bangles – multiple layers with charms dangling
5. Friendship Forever – friendship bracelets with a touch of…
6. Delicate Femininity – pretty stones – porcelein pendants
7. Birds, Bees and Butterflies – summer insects
8. Stacked & layered – mixed metals or materials
9. Summer Ethnics – layered bead necklaces
10. Pin Comeback – colorful and dimensional.

We may not have all the trends covered (but a handful of buttons will surely be on this list). Although,  I’m betting that you’re sure to find something that will catch your eye! And to see this you need to get to your Jo-Ann’s!

Here’s a glimpse of some of the buttons you’ll find and some great projects that were created…


from old vintage camera, Eiffel Tower, owls, floral cameo…



trendy flowers, filigree, animal motifs, studs…

      JAS TREND BUTTONS 010              JAS TREND BUTTONS 009

some angle shots to show you dimension of the buttons!



       collector's buttons joann fabrics         collectors buttons

       cameo buttons           gem buttons


just a few ideas….

               wood steampunk trunk      JAS TREND BUTTONS 025

this great “journey” keepsake was created by Candy Rosenberg – to create this project look for our free project sheet in Jo-Ann’s.  In addition to the above Candy also created this great travel tag and scrapbook page…

            steampunk gift tag      JAS TREND BUTTONS 028

           steampunk scrapbooking style       JAS TREND BUTTONS 030

Here are some additional projects that we created…




JAS TREND BUTTONS 042JAS Inspiration Blade 015Easy to create projects and with our BUTTONS!

So have fun creating with our New button Trend and Collector’s Buttons!

Happy Crafting!


Recycled Denim Button Heart

You still have time to create last minute “Valentine” decoration/ornaments and with the weather they’re predicting for the East Coast you’ll have plenty of time (in between shoveling).

denim heart 018

It may not look like much of a “button” project but it still has a hint of buttons! Having had enough denim left over from a previous project I did last year when I created the Button Heart Canvas Wall Art: Be Mine Denim Button Heart – another great project that can “hang” all year round!

Today just a quick how to on how I created this ornament:

Materials: La Mode Buttons: 46781; 24820; 24778; 46690
Recycled Denim; needle & thread; heart template – computer – printer; lace; ribbon; fibers; beads; scissors; polyfil (in my case I used cotton swabs) (really anything else you feel you want to embellish your heart!)

Using your heart template pin onto denim and cut out heart…you’ll need two hearts (unless you prefer to have another fabric on the back – suggestions – felt, flannel, linen)

misc 049


prepare your “ingredients” buttons, lace, ribbon, beads, fiber. I like to layout my design before I begin (most times I change it mid stream – and that’s ok).

denim heart 001

denim heart 002


Although I did use lace in my project at the end it really wasn’t visible – and I was ok with that – it will all depend on your placement.  I gently stitched lace and trim to the denim. Created a ribbon rosette and added some seed beads to the center. Stitched rosette to the heart and began adding my buttons and fiber as I stitched.

denim heart 005


Yes I wanted my ribbon to hang (you may opt to cut)

denim heart 007

To finish – I created a blanket stitch around my  heart border (not sure how to blanket stitch – check out some great easy tutorials on You Tube). don’t forget your ribbon for hanging – I also added some fiber to this and added fiber as I created my blanket stitch on one side…

denim heart 009

     denim heart 008     denim heart 010

So at this point I realized I did not have polyfil again in my office (go figure!). Cotton swabs work just as well – leave just enough space to stuff your heart and then finish stitching.

denim heart 011

and done! Okay so it may not be the best – but I like it! It’s using a little of this and a little of that! Still have my representation of buttons and I’m happy!

So…Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Crafting!


Be Sweet My Valentine

Wondering what to get that special someone who’s watching/counting their calories? No not jewelry, flowers – how about an everlasting BUTTON VALENTINE CUPCAKE?

Valentine Cupcake Blog 015

That’s right these are Button Cupcakes! and it’s easy – I actually posted a how to on October 16, 2013 – Keepsake Button Cupcakes  there’s a step by step how to create these cute cupcakes.

All you have to do is replace the colorful buttons with pinks, purples, reds, heart shape buttons… here are all the materials you’ll need:

Valentine Cupcake Blog 001      Valentine Cupcake Blog 006


Valentine Cupcake Blog 002

for this project I created large and mini cupcakes – all of these products can be found in your favorite craft store: mini and 2 1/2″ styrofoam balls; cupcake liners; quilt pins; and of course BUTTONS!

Valentine Cupcake Blog 003

an assortment of Pink Button Jar Buttons #540001005; Favorite Findings Colors #4; #5; #6; Favorite Findings Colors We Love #404; Favorite Findings Colorful Mini Hearts #1395

Valentine Cupcake Blog 009        Valentine Cupcake Blog 010

add one layer of buttons all away around the ball (don’t worry that you see the styrofoam – you’ll go back) Once your first layer is done now go back and fill in the spaces with smaller buttons and don’t forget to include some mini hearts!

Valentine Cupcake Blog 012


Done – don’t forget to wrap it with some pink satin ribbon!

Valentine Cupcake Blog 015

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Crafting!


Be My Button Heart!

With Valentine’s Day just days away and the clock ticking…why rush to the store and by something that’s pre-made when you can create it yourself?

Misc 061

Yes you –  that’s right, there’s no reason why you can’t create one of these Button Hearts yourself,  granted you may not want to create a black button heart – but with ALL those button options from Button Jars – pink, red, yellow, purple, blue and green. I just thought it was different!  It’s easy and I’m going to show you how. (check out my You Tube Video we created – link below). You may have some of these items on hand – but with all those coupons that are circulating hold onto to them you may need to use them at your favorite craft store:

How to Create Your Own Layered Button Heart

Materials: Button Jars (your color choice); Bliss #4 (heart); La Mode #48103 & #48101; canvas 8×8; acrylic paint (for this project I used Folk Art – Metallic Silver Sterling by Plaid); black ink pad or brown (depending on what color choice you’re doing); paint brush; hot glue; ribbon; pencil;  paper towels; paper plate; computer – heart template; scissors.

misc 034

QM Houston 2013 Show Photos 315

A tasting of the colors that are available for this button project! No one ever said your heart needs to be Red!

Black heart blog 001

Prepare your working surface – lay a piece of newspaper or paper so your work table doesn’t get dirty. Pour your paint onto a paper plate and with your paintbrush – paint your canvas – you may need two coats – don’t forget the sides! Set to side and let dry.  Use your computer to find a heart template (there are so many out there) you may need to enlarge to get the right size (my widest part of heart measured 7 1/2″ across). Once canvas has dried place template onto canvas and trace lightly with pencil.

             misc 035         misc 036

             misc 040         misc 041

now you’re ready to lay down your buttons – my preference is to lay all my buttons down first and then go back and glue. It may take a bit longer but it’s my preference. You may opt to glue right away…

Once the first layer is complete you can leave it or you may want to fill in the gaps! This is what I did.  This is where I placed the “glitz” buttons and lastly the bow.

misc 043

misc 046

And there you go a beautiful wall art which can hang all year round!

To see a quick demo of how to create your own Button Heart – see our video on YouTube!

Below are several examples from the past year that I created for various projects:

pinkvalentine 001

same size 8×8 – i used brown ink for the edges…

Misc 062

traditional red!


and of course recycled denim with a small pop of red!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Crafting!


Creativeworld – Frankfurt, Germany 2014

My blog today is a gallery of photos of our recent exhibit at Creativeworld 2014, Frankfurt, Germany.  One of the largest Trade Fairs for the Creative Sector! Creativeworld had approximately 287 exhibitors from 32 countries and this year there was a special section for 37 exhibitors from the US thanks to CHA. (this total does not reflect Paperworld or Christmasworld).

So sit back and enjoy the photos!



Our Booth at Creativeworld


Button Booth     Our Booth 2014


Button Inspiration     Button Rug

Favorite Findings     Colors buttons

Elegant Buttons

creativeworld 2014 197

creativeworld 2014 035     Make and Take 2014

several MTK’s were being created throughout the show!

      creativeworld 2014 040        creativeworld 2014 044

patterns – whether on paper or fabric – from color to black & white!

Trend Section at Creativeworld

creativeworld 2014 019


Each one of these individual aesthetics offers a broad range of inspiration for creative gifts, packaging, furnishing ideas, jewellery, clothes, fashion and home accessories. Be inspired by the new colours, designs, materials and techniques of the coming
season. A wealth of fresh perspectives for newcomers and professionals.

     moonlight tales     Moonlight tales in 2014

     creativeworld 2014 030     creativeworld 2014 089

          Blue light      Crafted Blue Lamp

     creativeworld 2014 090     creativeworld 2014 092

       creativeworld 2014 091      handmade ceiling lamps

Elegant materials and dark colours are what characterise the Moonlight Tales trend. Midnight blue, grey, metallic effects, black, dark brown and petrol blue determine the colour palette. Fine fabrics such as satin, lace, tulle and taffeta combine with pearls, mother of pearl and blossom. Through the carefully targeted use of reduced shapes, this vintage theme receives a modern twist and scores highly as elegant chic.

Golden affairs at Creative world     creativeworld 2014 088


The beauty of contrasts is the central pillar of Golden Affairs. This trend combines simple, natural materials with “elegant glamour”. So that, together with things like cardboard and plain wrapping paper, finds from the beach or from the forest are embellished with fine gold leaf. A delicate shade of pink brings a feminine touch to a light-coloured world of wood, milky white and sand. For Golden Affairs, it is simple but refined craft techniques that are used – such as dip-dyingfor example. This involves dipping fabric, paper, card and even porcelain in colorants to decorate it.Knittingcrochet work andembroidery find modern interpretations for this trend – be it coarse-knit seat cushions, delicate table mats in XXS yarn – or three-dimensional embroidered patterns on a light background – the centrally important thing is the new form of expression. The gilding of items that one has found oneself, such as twigs, branches and stones, as well as bags made of plain wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and recycled paper puts an elegant and personal stamp on them. The technique of embossing comes into its own on gold foil and shiny surfaces particularly. Contrasts are again created through combination with natural products and raw, untreated surfaces.

     creativeworld 2014 080     creative colours

       creativeworld 2014 082     creativeworld 2014 081

        creativeworld 2014 084     creativeworld 2014 078

For Coloured Memory, everything is about intense colours; they form a kind of thematic parenthesis. A powerful, sulphurous yellow, luminous pink and fresh turquoise come together with delicate pastel shades such as lilac and light blue. Designs are characterised by a nonchalant lightness. Materials such as natural paper or grey card emphasise the luminosity of the colours as well as the contemporary note struck by these uncompromisingly strident trends.

(the above 3 category information was pulled from the Creativeworld Trends website).

         creativeworld 2014 139     creativeworld 2014 138

       creativeworld 2014 135     creativeworld 2014 134

Lazer printing was visible – our friends from Pronty created these beautiful lampshades for the Paper Trend Show! FABULOUS!

     creativeworld 2014 128     creativeworld 2014 069

     creativeworld 2014 059     creativeworld 2014 054

displays Letterman for punching felt and the above a paint company.


Display filled with beads!  Paperworld show – many, many GLOBES!



for our jewelry enthusiasts – yes this chandelier is all made of CHAINS! Stunning! YES!





just a little from Christmasworld 2014 – breath taking every aisle filled with beautiful displays – if only we can have one from each….

So if you’re interested mark your calendars – next show January 31, 2015 – February 3, 2015!

Happy Crafting!